Earthquake Survival Kit

Do you have an earthquake survival kit? If not, then you are huddled with the 60+ percent of people who don't have an earthquake kit in their home. The primary reasons that most people have not created a survival kit for an earthquake is either because they lack the time and money or they simply don't think it's important. Fortunately, you can easily order the best earthquake kit online in a matter of seconds. This will not only save you time and money, but it will also eliminate any concerns you have about trying to create a list of your own.

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You Should Have an Earthquake Survival Kit - 2011 Proved It

2011 should have served as a wake-up call for anyone who thinks that they don't need a survival kit for an earthquake. It featured a number of earthquakes that were nowhere near a fault line. As a result, millions of people who needed an earthquake survival kit didn't have one. Some of the most surprising earthquake locations included Oklahoma, Virginia, and Arkansas. All of these earthquakes were a 4.7 magnitude or above, which means a survival kit could have helped many families.

The lesson learned from this is that you don't need to live on a fault line in order to be vulnerable to an earthquake. This makes having an earthquake kit in your home a no-brainer.

About 10% of the 1 million+ yearly earthquakes will be large enough to be felt, which means an average of 275 earthquakes can be felt around the world every day. When you break these numbers down, there is nearly a 30% chance that you could need an earthquake survival kit on any given day. With such high odds that a major earthquake could strike at any time, it doesn't make sense not to have one.

How to Use Your Earthquake Kit Help You After a Quake?

Even the best earthquake kit is only useful after the quake has ended. There are a variety of different situations that may arise and a well-designed, versatile survival kit for an earthquake will help in each one. If you already have an earthquake survival kit, you are more prepared than most. Here is a quick look at what you will need to do after an earthquake and how your earthquake kit will help.

An Earthquake Survival Kit Should Anticipate Power Outages

The most likely utility to fail is electricity. This is why one of the first things on any checklist will be a light source. Having a flashlight is an obvious choice, although there are a few other options to include in your earthquake kit as well. For example, there are emergency candles which can last up to 30 hours. Glow sticks have proven to be an equally effective option because they can last up to 12 hours. Finally, a box of waterproof matches will not only be able to provide you with light, but also a source of heat. These options can be effective on their own, however they are lightweight enough that you should try to include them all in your kit.

Leave Your Home Immediately With Your Earthquake Survival Kit

One of the most important things for you to do after an earthquake has finished is exit your home with your earthquake kit. In most earthquakes, a majority of the fatalities and injuries occur after the initial quake because people were unable to quickly exit the building that they were in with an earthquake survival kit. Any time you leave the safety and comfort of your home, finding shelter should be a top priority. By including a tube tent and survival blankets in your earthquake survival kit you will always have some protection against the elements.

An Earthquake Survival Kit Has Items to Deal With Possible Tsunamis

If you live in a coastal area, it is important to be aware of the possibility that a tsunami may hit. Depending on how large the earthquake was, resulting seismic sea waves can be incredibly powerful and move extremely far inland. When you hear a tsunami warning, your kit will already have everything you need to survive – even if you end up spending a few days outdoors.

An Earthquake Survival Kit Prepares You For Secondary Shocks

People who have not experienced an earthquake before are often frazzled by the initial event. It is easy to sit there and wonder what happened, but what you really need to do is grab your earthquake survival kit and get outdoors. Try to avoid standing anywhere near tall buildings, trees, or power lines. In many cases, the initial earthquake will cause some damage but the second and third waves of seismic activity will cause the most damage. This makes including some form of shelter vital. Aftershocks are also when many of the personal injuries occur, which is why your survival kit for an earthquake must include a comprehensive first aid kit.

An Earthquake Survival Kit Helps You Survive Without Public Shelters

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is relying solely on public shelters. While they do their best to be prepared, they are often overburdened once an earthquake strikes. Plus, there is always the possibility that they will be damaged as well, which means you will only have what is in your earthquake survival kit. Fortunately, as long as your earthquake survival kit contents are comprehensive, lightweight, and versatile you should have no problems taking care of yourself. Even if you do end up finding a spot in a public shelter, there's a good chance that your earthquake survival kit will include items that you would not otherwise have access to.

Your Earthquake Kit Must Support You for 3 Days or Longer

Another reason that your kit should be considered essential piece of survival gear is that in major natural disasters, emergency services can take 72 hours or more to respond to your specific location. This makes your earthquake kit contents especially important because they could not only help you survive, but also help you free others. Your kit should contain simple yet effective tools like work gloves and a pry bar that can be used to escape tight situations and help others do the same.

Any natural disaster can be particularly devastating if you are not prepared. With a pre-built earthquake survival kit, you will always have the tools and resources you need to be as safe as possible and protect your family.