Classroom Lockdown Kit

It has become increasingly common to find a classroom lockdown kit in most classrooms. The number of classroom lockdowns has steadily been on the rise for nearly 2 decades, although many school districts did not officially address the issue until recently, especially with regard to a classroom lockdown kit. Managing a classroom is hard enough without having to worry about threats to yourself and your students. To make matters more complicated, you have to manage your students throughout the lockdown as well, which is the primary reason that a classroom lockdown kit has become a more common sight.

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School first aid kits are a good start, but they don't come close to having everything that you may need. Other essential items include food, water, and a survival bucket. If even one element of your classroom lockdown kit is missing, keeping your students calm and comfortable becomes that much more difficult.

What is a Classroom Lockdown Kit?

In its most basic form, a classroom lockdown kit will include enough supplies to handle a variety of situations. Emergency first aid supplies compose the most well-known items in the kit because lockdowns are most often associated with the threat of violence. The truth is that lockdowns are also used in the event of a sudden natural disaster or severe weather, which is why a classroom lockdown kit must be versatile. While most school districts will try to dismiss the students before a severe storm or heavy snow hits, weather can be unpredictable. This is why items in a classroom lockdown kit such as a survival bucket, tools, food, and water are always included. The best part is that the bucket serves multiple purposes, including storing all of the items while they are not in use. IA classroom lockdown kit can prove to be incredibly useful because it saves space and gives you the ability to perform emergency first aid in the event that your normal school first aid kits are unavailable or under stocked.

When Would You Use a Classroom Lockdown Kit?

Many people are still unclear as to what exactly a school lockdown really is. As a result, it can be difficult to understand why a classroom lockdown kit is so important. The procedures will vary based up the school district, however the reasons every classroom needs a classroom lockdown kit can normally be broken down into three categories.

A Classroom Lockdown Kit Will Be Used During Internal Threats

These types of situations are what you most likely expect when you hear the words "school lockdown." A common method to describe what happens is "Locks, Lights, Out of Sight." The purpose is to immediately secure every student in the classroom and take cover, which is when a classroom lockdown kit becomes critical. School violence involving weapons comprise a majority of situations where this protocol is followed. All of the items in a classroom lockdown kit can be incredibly useful in this situation, especially the emergency first aid supplies.

A Classroom Lockdown Kit Can Be Used During External Threats

External threats can sometimes be referred to as "lockouts" instead of lockdowns, although the same classroom lockdown kit would be utilized. The first priority is to secure the perimeter of the building. In these situations, the threat is still outside of the building, which means that teachers and faculty can spend a short amount of time gathering students before and locating a classroom lockdown kit. Once the perimeter has been secured, teachers will still lock each classroom door. As a result, a classroom lockdown kit is just as useful in this situation. Getting access to the regular school first aid kits is much higher, but having the backup supplies on-hand can be incredibly comforting.

A Classroom Lockdown Kit Can Be Used When Potential Threats Arise

Potential threats are the most common reason for school lockdowns. In many cases, the threat is in the nearby neighborhood and the police will tell the school to go into lockdown for the students protection. The perimeter is secured and the classroom doors are locked, which means a classroom lockdown kit could still be needed, however teachers will normally keep on teaching instead of turning off the lights and getting their student out of sight.

There have been a growing number of reports over the past several years of police telling schools to go into lockdown and use a classroom lockdown kit so that they can apprehend a student on the premises. This not only makes it easier for police, but also keeps the other students safe. While the atmosphere is definitely less tense, students still cannot leave the room. This makes the classroom lockdown kit a vital piece of equipment, even thought the threat isn't directed at the school and you will not likely be doing any emergency first aid.

Is a Classroom Lockdown Kit Really Necessary?

A lot of energy has been put into making teachers, parents, and students aware of the potential threats that exist in their schools and the procedures that they need follow, including what should be included in a classroom lockdown kit. Even with this growing awareness, many people wonder whether a classroom lockdown kit is really necessary or if it's a reactionary response to the high profile school violence stories in the media.

With all of the items that are included in these kits, there is no doubt that they are essential. Along with traditional emergency first aid supplies, a classroom lockdown kit also include food, water, tools, and a survival bucket - all of which could prove to be vital in maintaining a calm, controlled classroom in the midst of a potential or imminent threat.

Number of Lockdowns on the Rise

One of the biggest reasons that there is more emphasis on the necessity of a classroom lockdown kit is because lockdowns are happening more often. As long as it appears that lockdowns are helping control or prevent threats of violence against students, they will be an ever-present protection strategy and the need for a classroom lockdown kit.

A Classroom Lockdown Kit Is More Important Than You Think

When you are on the outside looking in, it may be unclear as to why a classroom lockdown kit is so important. Take a moment and think about how difficult it can be to manage a classroom full of children or teenagers when they can't leave. A classroom lockdown kit gives them access to food and water which makes them feel more comfortable and in control of the situation. This mindset is essential to keeping everyone calm. Plus, the classroom lockdown kit survival bucket doubles as a restroom facility, which becomes more important if a lockdown lasts for longer than an hour or two.

Keep in mind, that having a lockdown for only an hour is a best-case scenario and a classroom lockdown kit may not be as critical. During an unpredictable natural disaster, industrial accident, or severe weather, an hour could turn into an entire day - or longer. This is when the value of a classroom lockdown kit really starts to shine.