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Your Earthquake Safety Kit Could Be a Life-Saver

Your earthquake safety kit has been developed to keep you and your loved ones safe after a quake. Earthquakes are life-changing experiences. This is normally not because of the quake itself, but what happens over the next 72 hours. Immediately after a quake, your first priority needs to be exiting your home quickly, which is why an earthquake readiness kit will make all of the difference. This type of natural disaster is not a one-time event because the aftershocks can cause significant damage to newly weakened structures over the following days. The first aftershock can happen as soon as 3 minutes after the main event. With your earthquake safety kit in hand, you have the ability to be out of your home before the aftershocks start bringing down buildings.

  • Earthquakes cause a variety of dangerous secondary events including landslides, sand blows, tsunamis, fires from broken gas lines, flooding, and major sink holes that are capable of destroying roads and buildings
  • The best earthquake safety kit is built around the recommendations of disaster relief experts and based upon what real people have needed to survive these emergencies in the past
  • It is estimated the Canada experiences 3,500 to 5,000 earthquakes every year and span every region of country. British Columbia, St. Lawrence Valley, and the Ottawa River Valley are at the highest risk of experiencing a major earthquake
  • Numerous experts have stated that a major earthquake in a metropolitan center of Canada would be the single largest natural disaster the country could ever experience
  • 60% of Canadian residents have done absolutely nothing to prepare for any type of major emergency, let alone a comprehensive earthquake disaster kit.

Our Earthquake Safety Kit Is Designed to Provide Vital Resources for Every Situation

This earthquake safety kit has been specifically designed according to the recommendations of the Canadian government and emergency preparedness experts. Everything included on an earthquake safety kit checklist will be found in this kit, as well as several vital add-ons. The supplies you have will ensure that you are prepared for all of the potential risks that you may have to overcome after an earthquake. One of the most overlooked risks that earthquake survivor’s consistently face is noxious fumes. There is no way to predict what will be damaged during an earthquake or what particulates will find their way into the air. That is why your earthquake safety kit must include the N95 Respirator Dust Masks which have been NIOSH approved.

An Earthquake Safety Kit Is Your Only Chance to Quickly Evacuate Your Home with Everything You Need

During recent tests, the average person requires 10-20 minutes to gather supplies equivalent to what is found in an earthquake safety kit (assuming they had them) and evacuate their home. After an earthquake, your number one priority must always be getting out of whatever building you are in. With an earthquake safety kit, you will have no problem exiting your home within a matter of minutes, which ensures that you are safely outside when the aftershock begin. The only way to truly be prepared is by having a comprehensive earthquake safety kit ready to go at all times.