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It’s Time to Get Your Survival Kit for an Earthquake

There is a growing concern that it is time for everyone to have a survival kit for an earthquake. Earthquake kits have been around for a long time, but have consistently been overlooked. This is primarily because most people think that an earthquake will never directly affect them. There are earthquake recorded in every Canadian region, while some are see more than others. Compared to other natural disasters, an earthquake is undoubtedly the most dangerous. Not only does a survival kit for an earthquake need to provide you with the tools that are needed directly following the quake, but also to deal with all of the other issues that will arise. An earthquake is one of the only natural disasters than can actually cause more natural disasters.

  • Every year, Canada experiences between 3,500 and 5,000 earthquakes. If one were to hit the center of a metropolitan area, the Canadian government estimates that it would be the single most prolific natural disaster in the country’s history.
  • An emergency preparedness kit can double as a survival kit for an earthquake if it is built correctly. Unfortunately, many of them do not include several key items which may be necessary following an evacuation.
  • Once the initial quake has subsided, there are a number of additional natural disasters that you may soon be facing. The aftershocks can last more than week following the main event and consistently bring down more buildings which have already had their foundation weakened. They can also cause landslides, sink holes, avalanches, and even tsunamis.
  • A survival kit for an earthquake must be designed to be easily portable because under no circumstances should you stay in a building following an earthquake.
  • Your survival kit for an earthquake must be able to provide you with everything that you will need for at least 3 days. Following a major natural disaster it can take up to 72 hours for the government to fully mobilize a rescue operation and setup nearby shelters. This time frame could become even longer if there was substantial damage to the roads and buildings designated to be shelters.

Our Survival Kit for an Earthquake is More Versatile than You Think

A hidden benefit of our survival kit for an earthquake is that it is extremely versatile. While not all survival kits include all of the necessary earthquake supplies, the opposite is not true. A survival kit for an earthquake requires more items and tools than a basic survival kit, so it can double as your general emergency kit as well.

Your Earthquake Survival Kit Gives You the Speed that You Need

After an earthquake, nothing is more important than getting out of your house safely. Since you already have a survival kit for an earthquake, all you have to do is grab it and get out. It is estimated that people without an earthquake emergency kit would require up to 30 minutes to gather all of the supplies that they needed, assuming that they even have them. A majority of people who get trapped in their homes by an earthquake will not survive past the 48 hours mark if they cannot move or get to their emergency supplies. With a survival kit for an earthquake nearby, you have the ability to exit your home immediately.