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Our Earthquake Survival Gear Includes Everything You Need

The biggest problem with most earthquake survival gear is that it is lacking in one area or another. In order to overcome this dangerous deficit, it is vital to have all of the emergency supplies recommended by emergency preparedness experts and government agencies. The biggest problem with trying to gather everything that you need is that it is impossible to predict what type of scenario you will be facing. Our kit includes all of the earthquake survival gear that you will need based upon multiple references. This means that you will not have the minimum amount of earthquake survival gear that one expert lists, but rather everything from a combination of expert recommendations.

  • After an earthquake, it can take up to 3 days before emergency personnel will reach you. This means your earthquake survival gear must include everything you need for 72 hours of survival in an unpredictable environment
  • Earthquakes are the first in a long line of emergency situations you could face in the 3 days following the initial strike. Aftershocks, tsunamis, landslides, fires, and chemical spills are all documented events that may follow an earthquake.
  • The Canadian government warns that there is no region in the country which should be considered safe from the 3,500-5,000 earthquakes that are recorded in Canada every year. Currently, British Columbia is considered to be at the highest risk of a major quake.
  • Having the right earthquake survival gear readily available is your only chance of evacuating your home in a timely manner.
  • Don’t be part of the 60%+ of Canadians that have taken zero emergency preparedness steps.

The Biggest Flaw of Most Earthquake Survival Gear is Portability

Every earthquake survival guide states that the first thing you must do after a quake strikes is get out of whatever building you are in. This is because earthquakes will severely weaken surrounding structures, which makes it easy for aftershocks and soil liquefaction to cause a collapse. Unfortunately, the most common flaw of earthquake survival gear is that it isn’t easily portable. Our earthquake survival gear has been designed to all fit within a single 5 gallon bucket. This bright red, durable bucket is not only easy to carry, but will also be easy to spot when you are in a hurry. This has been accomplished by including high-quality items that are both light weight and extremely durable.

Never Forget the Small Stuff When Buying Earthquake Survival Gear

When buying earthquake survival gear, it is easy to get all of the priority items like food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, it is very easy to overlook smaller earthquake survival supplies which will prove to be equally important. Items related to hygiene, sanitation, and first aid will be in short supply following an earthquake, especially if it takes 3 days for emergency personnel to mobilize. Additional supplies like safety goggles, NIOSH approved respirator dust masks, and even a sewing kit can become critically important. With our earthquake survival gear, you can rest assured that your kit has absolutely everything that you could need.