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Great service and great products!When I moved to Los Angeles from the Mid West I knew I wanted to get an earthquake kit. After making several attempts to build my own I finally decided to buy one. I ended up purchasing one online from www.survivalkitstore.net. I just wanted to say thank you to Jane and her team for helping me.- Jill, Los Angeles, CA

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Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and everything looks great! Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. I really appreciate it. I'll be placing an order for my office soon. Thanks again.

- Peter, Dallas, TX

Survival Kit

Don't waste your time and money trying to piece together a survival kit on own. This is your chance to find every type of kit in one place and have it delivered directly to your door. Our disaster kit has everything you need to battle through adversity head-on.

You can't predict when disaster will strike, but you can take action to keep your family as safe as possible. Our emergency kit is so much more than just a food storage system. Our kit's will give your access to clean water, versatile light-weight tools, first aid kits, and much more. You can choose from a variety of sizes so that you can keep a kit in your home, office, car, and even your children's classroom.

Safely Getting Through an Emergency or Disaster Largely Depends on Your Survival Kit

If an earthquake struck right now, how long would it take you to get out of your house with a survival kit? The average person would need 10 to 15 minutes to gather their emergency supplies on the fly and there is a good chance that they wouldn't get everything that they need. During an earthquake, every minute inside scraping together an impromptu kit puts you in more danger. Our earthquake kits gives you the ability to immediately get out of the house and into an open space.

If you slide across a patch of black ice and into a snow bank, do you have what you need to survive in your car until someone drives by? Our winter safety kit has everything you need to stay warm and the tools to rescue yourself if need be. It is impossible to know exactly what is going to happen today, tomorrow, or next week, but with a quality survival kits you are giving yourself a chance to succeed.

Find Exactly What Type of Survival Kits You Need to Keep Your Family Safe

The consequences of different types of disasters can be very similar, but how you prepare for them doesn't have to be. By identifying the most likely risks to your region, we can help you find the best survival kit available. For example, if you live near an active earthquake zone, then our earthquake kit is exactly what you need. Along with natural disasters, you may face a number of potential threats on a daily basis that an emergency kit could be needed. These risks include power outages, auto accidents, and even terrorism.

We Take The Guesswork Out of Finding the Best Survival Kit Available

The most common reason that people don't have a survival kit is because they simply don't know where to start. We have categorized each of our kits so that you know which one is the best choice for your specific situation. You will be shown the best possible disaster kit that matches your needs.

Every Kit Is Based on the Highest Preparedness Industry Expert Guidelines

Believe it or not, millions of dollars have been poured into studying disaster preparedness and how to improve it. Every kit meets the highest standards set forth by leading industry experts, non-profit groups like the American Red Cross, and government agencies like Public Safety Canada.

If a disaster or emergency happens, it could take emergency workers 72 hours or longer to reach you, which is why a kit is highly recommended. You and your family must prepare to be completely self-sufficient for at least the first 3 days after an emergency. In inclement weather it can take even longer, which is why our winter survival kit has everything you need for your home or your car. Along with including all the tools that you will need, the kit must remain lightweight and easy to transport.

Vital Pieces Of Equipment We Include With Every Survival Kit

Every kit has a unique set of resources and tools, however there are a few that are essential in every scenario. In most cases, the radio flashlight included in each survival kit could be your most valuable tool. It is completely hand powered which means you don't need any batteries - ever! Along with getting a bright, shining light to cut through the darkest times after a disaster, it also gives you an opportunity to stay informed. The built-in radio allows you to stay current with every emergency broadcast that hits the airwaves. It doesn't matter if you get a comprehensive disaster kit or a car emergency kit, the radio flashlight is included.

Another piece of essential equipment is a lightweight pry bar. This well-designed tool allows you to leverage your strength and move objects far beyond your normal capacity. When disaster strikes, there is always a possibility that you could get trapped in or out of where you need to be. The pry bar in your kit also gives you the ability to shatter a windshield if you get trapped in your car or tear through a wall after an earthquake.

The third piece of equipment is a first aid kit. There is not a single situation where having a first aid kit could be detrimental. It is lightweight and easy to transport, which makes it ideal for any emergency. One of the most important emergency services after a disaster is medical assistance. The kit not only includes all of the medical items that you will need, but also a resource manual to help you out whenever an injury arises that you don't know how to handle.

When and where a disaster occurs is something that you will never be able to control, but you can decide whether or not you want to be prepared. This is your opportunity to be prepared for any emergency that comes your way. A quality 72 hour kit could be difference during the first 72 hours if emergency services cannot get to you.

For more information regarding our survival kits and emergency supply kits please contact us by emails info@survivalkitstore.net or by phone at 1-800-841-7006.