Food Survival Kit

Compiling your own food survival kit can be a frustrating experience. Most people assume that the canned goods in their kitchen will be enough to get them through any disaster, so a food survival kit isn't necessary. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems with relying solely on canned food. It is difficult to gather them in hurry, unlike a food survival kit. Multiple cans of food will quickly get heavy, which makes them difficult to transport. Canned food also tends to expire much sooner then survival food packs.

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To make acquiring your emergency food kit easier, there are a number of prepackaged food survival kit options available. The best food survival kit has been created based on the guidelines set by experts in preparedness and government agency recommendations.

What Are the Cook in Pouch Meals in Your Food Survival Kit?

Cooking pouch meals have become an ideal addition to any food survival kit. They are entire meals that have been pre-cooked and freeze-dried in an airtight pouch. This guarantees that the food in your food survival kit is safe to eat for an extended period of time and is easy to cook. When building a food for survival kit it is important to focus on making every task as easy as possible. With the pouch meals in your food survival kit, all you have to do is add boiling water, wait 12-15 minutes and your food is ready to eat.

How to Choose a Food Survival Kit

If you are not familiar with what a food survival kit is, then it is impossible to choose the right one. The first step is looking at the survival food packs included in the food survival kit to determine whether or not they fit your needs. At a glance, all of the different types of survival foods may seem the same, however there are some stark differences, especially if you include canned foods in the conversation. There are a number of different criteria that you can use to choose your food survival kit, however these three factors should be given top priority.

The Survival Food Packs Need to Last

When you buy an emergency food kit, you don't want to have to replace it on a regular basis. The whole point of setting up a food survival kit is that you don't have to maintain it. Your food survival kit should be able to sit in your closet or under your bed for years without needing any maintenance. Your survival food packs should have a minimum shelf life of at least 7 years. Only a few companies have discovered a method to ensure this length of shelf life for the food in your food survival kit. They use airtight nitrogen packed pouches and durable plastic containers. This will help keep out oxygen which seals in the freshness and extends the lifespan of the food.

As an added bonus, choosing a food survival kit with a 7 year shelf life will not only make things easier because you don't have to maintain it, but will also save you thousands of dollars in meal replacement costs.

Your Food Survival Kit Needs to Have Enough Food in It

One aspect of a food survival kit that differentiates it from other emergency kits is the amount of food included. Most emergency kits include one to three days worth of food, whereas a food storage survival kit can contain enough food for two weeks (for one person). This additional food in your food survival kit not only increases your potential survival time, but will also provide you with more calories per meal to help you keep your energy up.

A Food Survival Kit Must Be Easy to Transport

A big reason that you don't want to rely on canned foods for your food survival kit is because they are heavy, bulky, and difficult to carry. On the other hand, a food for survival kit has been specifically designed to allow you to carry as much food as possible with minimum effort. This is accomplished by making the survival food packs as small and light as possible. Using a high quality duffel bag to carry your food survival kit will allow you to travel with a number of additional items as well.

A Food Survival Kit Is About More Than Just Food

An emergency food kit must provide you the best possible chance of surviving any emergency or disaster. This means that it should have more than just food. The next most important item that your food survival kit must contain is water. Without it, you will have no way to actually cook your food. Since it is nearly impossible to pack, store, and carry enough water to deal with an emergency you will need to include other resources in your food survival kit as well. Items like a water filtration bottle, aqua blox, and water purification tablets are exactly what you need in your food survival kit.

Now that you have food and water, the next step is finding shelter. If your food survival kit is being carried in a quality duffel bag then there will be more than enough room for items like emergency sleeping bags, a tube tent, and hand/body warmers. All of these things will make it much more comfortable and safer to sleep outdoors on a consistent basis. It is impossible to know how long it will take for emergency services to provide you with food, water, and shelter so packing additional items in your food storage survival kit which can be used over an extended period of time is critical.

With the additional space, your food survival kit should include a variety of tools, sanitation products, and a first aid kit. When choosing the right tools for your food survival kit, focusing on versatility is essential to saving space and limiting the weight of your duffel bag. Since you need to cook your food, a portable cooking stove with fuel tablets is a good use of space in your food survival kit. Other small items like a fork, knife, and spoons kit, steel cup, work gloves, nylon rope, and compact multifunction shovel will be an excellent addition to your food survival kit.

A quality food survival kit is something that every household should have. It will allow you to always have a well-rounded emergency food kit available at a moments notice. The best part is that an emergency food kit which follows the recommendations of preparedness experts and industry leaders will provide you with a more comprehensive combination of lightweight and versatile resources. Your food survival kit not only makes sure that you are as prepared as possible, but also provides you and your family with the best possible chances of getting through any emergency or disaster.