Winter Survival Kit

A winter survival kit is designed to help you get through any disaster during the coldest and most dangerous months of the year. Whether you enjoy the cold temperatures or not, there are serious risks that your winter survival kit must prepare you for. Winter combines powerful and potentially deadly weather with all of the emergency risks that exist year round. This makes your winter weather survival kit incredibly important.

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A winter survival kit becomes more important as harsh winter weather can slow emergency response teams. This can make something as simple as an electrical failure a dangerous proposition without a winter survival kit. A winter survival kit combines all of the vital resources of a traditional survival kit with added protection against the health risks of being exposed to freezing temperatures. In many ways, a winter survival car kit is more important than any other kit available.

A Winter Survival Kit Must Protect You Against A Variety of Health Risks

A winter survival kit for your car has a tremendous challenge. Traveling on cold winter roads is inherently more dangerous because vehicles can break down or slide off the road. There are two primary health risks that your winter survival kit must prevent. The first is hypothermia. When your core body temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit your body begins to shut down, which is why staying warm is high priority when deciding what goes in your winter survival kit.

The second health hazard that your winter survival car kit must prevent is frostbite. In most cases, it will begin with your hands and feet turning numb, which can be prevented with a winter survival kit. This happens because your body draws blood to its core to protect your internal organs. The result is that your extremities do not get the blood and oxygen they need to keep the tissue and nerves functioning. The items in your winter survival kit are designed to help prevent this from happening.

During an emergency, a winter survival kit can perform the same function in your home. While most people already have blankets, there are additional items that can be beneficial as well.

Use the Same Winter Survival Kit In Your Home and Your Car

Some people recommend having a different type of winter survival kit for your home and your car. In most cases, using the same type of winter emergency survival kit in both locations is ideal. You never know when leaving your house with a winter survival kit will be necessary. This makes items that seemed unnecessary, such as a tent and survival blankets, very valuable in every winter survival kit. A winter survival kit for your car is designed to help you be prepared for any situation, so why wouldn't you also have one in your home?

4 Things Your Winter Survival Kit Must Have

Every winter survival car kit is a little bit different, however industry experts have identified four areas that it must address. If you ignore any of these areas when choosing a winter survival kit, then you are putting yourself and your family at a huge risk. It is difficult to manage emergencies without adding the additional complication of inclement and potentially deadly weather, although a high-quality winter survival kit will help.

Stay Warm With a Winter Survival Kit

The most important function of a winter survival kit for your car is to keep you as warm as possible. If you are stranded in your car the biggest mistake you can make is to keep your car running to stay warm, when a winter survival kit could provide the same benefits. Not only are you wasting valuable fuel, but it is not uncommon for snow and ice to clog the tailpipe. The exhaust will then filter into the passenger area which can be fatal. A quality winter survival kit will include emergency blankets that are designed to be lightweight, yet extremely warm. There will also be a tube tent in each winter survival kit in case you have to try and walk to find help. You can set it up at any time during your trek to get a break from the wind and warm your body back up.

Food and Water Are More Important in a Winter Survival Kit Than You Think

With the cold weather staring you in the face, it is easy to overlook the importance of food and water. A winter survival kit will provide you with calorie-dense foods, water purification tablets, and Aqua Literz. Your body spends a lot of energy trying to stay warm, which means you are burning calories just sitting down, let alone trying to find help. A quality winter survival kit takes this into consideration.

Does Your Winter Survival Kit Have The Right Tools For the Right Job?

A winter emergency survival kit will include a bevy of tools which can be used in many different situations. For example, a tarp can be used as an extra layer over your blanket to cut the wind. It can also be laid across the ground under your tent to create an additional barrier between the cold ground and your body. Your winter survival kit will also include duct tape which can be used to add an extra seal to your windows to prevent a cold wind from enter your home or car. The leather palm work gloves in your winter weather survival kit are primarily included to protect your hands when using tools like the pry bar or multi-function knife, but it can also be an added layer of protection from the wind.

Don't Overlook Including a First Aid Kit in Your Winter Survival Kit

The final critical piece of the winter survival kit puzzle is the first aid kit. In cold weather, it can do much more than help you bandage cuts. The antiseptic wipes in your winter survival kit will often contain alcohol which can help break up the small layer of ice or frost that will form on your hands and face. The first aid kit in your winter survival kit has a number of medical resources which can serve multiple purposes. Even a bandage can serve as an extra layer of protection.

A winter survival kit should be considered essential for anyone living in an area that receives any amount of snow or ice. While the winter survival kit for your car may get the most attention, the winter emergency survival kit in your house is just as important. The best part is you can now get a complete, pre-packaged winter survival kit which has been developed following the guidelines laid forth by industry experts.